SEO, known as search engine optimization, is succeed by digital marketing experts on the purpose of increasing visibility after long-term works and making a grate effort. Many expensive services and tools are used for these works. Website owners who generate a content and want to make e-commerce with WooCommerce, use CMS content management systems and plug-ins like Wordpress, which are successful at SEO. There are many CMS and plug-ins that have SEO success.

Google makes updates to show better results by changing algorithms dozens of times over the years. It is possible with a new algorithm to exit at the front or to regress on the back pages besides wrong configurations, aggressive works and even with an innocent ways. Therefore, SEO is a living organism of the website that should be pursued and looked after continuously.

A regression resulting from the Google algorithm update can be avoided by an expert person with an accurate follow-up. But, what can be done in case of Anti-SEO when your website is targeted by competitors or malicious people? There are many methods for anti-SEO. An experimental study was carried out with the most known and effective methods. A successful SEO study has been made with 3 words and in the first page results, our live organism, which was living organically between 5 and 9, fell back to pages 20 after 18 days with our anti-SEO website.

The experiment started on 04.05.219 and the following methods and tools were used.

Zombie Network
The first attack is started by sending zombies that are configured to stand on the site for only 1 second at certain times of the day to a zombie network which has a network between 100 and 1000 .

As a result of this process, the appearance rate of the site begins to decrease.

Fake Mail
If a domain doesn’t have DMARC, SPF DNS and TXT records to prevent spam and if you can send e-mail to someone’s inbox with this domain, second attack is initiated by sending spam emails to mail services such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL.

As a result of this process domain and IP are added to the Blacklist and lose reputation for search engines.

Hack Link
This attack is done by analyzing the category of the site and by making backlink on the websites with the opposite category.

As a result of this process, the victim lOse reputation at Google and other search engines.

Adult Backlink
Adult sites are a complete nuisance for SEO. In this attack method, there are several tools on many adult sites to make backlink. Forums, video comments, feedbacks and user logs are targeted.

Because of the high traffic of adult sites, this process results with a very fast backlink and accelerates the falling back.

Fake Ref
This attack is carrying out by redirecting fake traffic or zombies with Ref . (For example: is one of the most harmful ref links)

As a result of this, if the analysis tools are used on the site, it also gets a significant harm.

Bad Network
Ref is given from an infected websites or sites that are blacklisted by Google Safe Browsing. Another method is that, an opened website is became infected with malware and the follow-backlink is defined from this site, then the follow-backlink is redirected.

As a result of this process, the last step of the experiment ends and the Anti-SEO process is completed. As mentioned at the beginning of the article there are many methods for Anti-SEO, we have tried only a few in the experiment.

How to Protect from Anti-SEO?

It is of course possible to protect from the methods described above and from many methods not even described. There is a system that works to prevent any kind of attack on the website, analyze the harmful traffic, get clean traffic and visitors from the website. The name of this system is WAF (Web Application Firewall).

Bekchy is a Cloud WAF product that has passed many tests and gets full marks from its users. Bekchy works in the cloud and offers low cost solutions with flexible scalability, fast and performance.

Bekchy provides protection against SQLi (SQL Injection), XSS, CSRF, Shell insertion, RFI / LFI, RCE, and threats listed in OWASP Top 10.

Bekchy has more options and superior features than most WAFs. Anti-SEO protection is one of them. It protects from many Anti-SEO methods.

The traffic must come to the Bekchy WAF server before your website and go through the process to filter and distinguish them to malicious or innocent requests coming from your website’s visitor.

Bekchy WAF is very easy to use and put in front of your site. For that, you have to change the “nameserver” of your domain name to;

and you can add your website by opening a free trial account for 7 days from that link, .

Bekchy does not require any credit card information for 7-day trial account and makes use a Basic Plan. Users can choose ”Pro Plan“, ”Business Plan“ or ”Enterprise Plan” according to their needs.

For more information about Bekchy, please send an e-mail to or ask your questions from the live support on the site. You can get information from +90 850 303 44 phone number for Turkey or +1 650 900 46 49 phone number for United States.

The methods described in this experiment are for training and information purposes.

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