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Bekchy is a SaaS( Software As A Service) product that has been developed to ensure the security of all websites and applications encoded with PHP or PHP Framework, CMS and e-commerce software.

When a website is penetrated, administrators and users’ passwords can be deleted, all the information in the database or digital assets can be stolen, all control of the website can be seized. When all these happen, there is a risk of losing time, money, labor, customer and reputation; it means endangering the safety and sustainability of the given service. In short it means endangering your future.

Most commonly, SQL Injection, SQL Bypass, XSS (Reflected / DOM), Shell & File Upload, Brute Force, JavaScript Injection methods are used in order to penetrate websites by hackers. In addition, data can be tampered by Data Tampering, Subresource Integrity can be used in order to exploit innocent javascripts maliciously, backlink theft can be done by Hacklink method and organic reach can be demoted by deceiving search engines.

Bekchy provides 99.9% protection against all known methods aimed at seizing a website. With its own algorithm and rule sequence it prevents attacks and blocks all requests sending from the attacker in order to prevent against attacks known as Zero Day.

Unlike many other Web Application Firewall (WAF) products, it uses specialized “Bekchy Engine” and “rule sequence” for checking incoming and outgoing requests. Data exchanging never takes place between Bekchy servers and the website that use Bekchy. “Bekchy Engine” is installed into the website itself and is interpreted by the application server (Apache, Nginx, etc.) and the rule sets are operated.

It can be installed into websites within minutes, and Wordpress users can start using it with the plugin without performing any technical action. All incoming and outgoing requests are monitored, when an attack or malicious operation is detected, protection is provided and instant reporting is sent via e-mail, SMS or Slack. More than one website can be monitored on the Bekchy panel and the pricing is set monthly website basis. Licensed with Basic, Pro and Business packages. Pricing starting from $ 9.99 per month for Basic package to provide basic protection, additionally Pro package includes malware scan and blacklist control and Business package includes DDoS protection and 24/7 support.

It is compatible with PHP, Laravel, Code Igniter, Yii/Yii2, Lumen, Phalcon, Wordpress, Magento,Drupal, Joomla, osCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop, vBulletin, phpBB, myBB. Beta versions have been testing for .Net and other platform. Stable versions will be available in the first quarter of 2019 for .Net.



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